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Development IT products

We are ready to develop for you mobile applications, web clients, chat bots, desktop applications, corporate sites, landing page, as well as personal accounts and CRM / ERP systems.
Mobile Development **Native Development**: iOS, Android **Cross Platform Solutions**: Xamarin
Develpemnt of Desktop **Languages**: C++, C#, Java **Frameworks**: WinForms, WPF, Qt (Qml)
Develpemnt of Web / Backend **Backend**: PHP (Laravel, Yii), Java, ASP.NET, Node.js **Frontend**: React, Angular **Protocols**: REST API, Web Sockets, Raw Sockets, SOAP **CMS**: WordPress, 1C-Битрикс **Database**: MS SQL, MySQL, NoSQL **Cloud**: Azure, AWS, Google Cloud
CI / CD organization
The development stage is one of the main stages of the project. It is often the longest and with a lot of pitfalls. If you approach this stage from the point of view of architecture development, then the probability of a high-quality project is high. The architecture of the project must be developed by the leading developers so that later you do not have to redo any parts of the code, or even the entire project. When developing an architecture, we involve our leading experts who have extensive experience in the development of various solutions, and therefore will choose the architecture that will work for your project.